General all-around hacker and student of the sciences.  Interests include coding, kernel development, optimization methods, everything Linux and open-source, electronics, cosmology, outdoors, photography and more.  Started programming with GW-BASIC as a kid (4 years) and graduated to C and assembly in junior high although I spend the majority of my time now with Linux administration and scripting.

Languages : Various Basics, GNU C, x86 assembly, Java/Javascript, Perl/PHP, bash scripting

Current Projects:

  • ktux – open-source preemptive multitasking kernel for x86 in projected mode, very low-level code somewhat implemented (interrupt processing, page allocation), the majority is still being designed.  used to have more information on a prior blog, will have to create a separate page for this.
  • 1-wire weather station – hardware based on Hobby Board kits + software implementation with rrdtool
  • digital mixer – designing simple audio mixer with EQ and spectrum analyzer
  • boarduino – still trying to figure out some good projects with my arduino clone.  lots of potential here.
  • power-monitoring system – trying to engineer custom hardware to log power usage for home PC network.  have a few ideas jotted down on this one.  something along the lines of the tweet-a-watt but on a slightly larger scale.
  • various other random ideas and projects

Most of these are still being designed or in very basic implementation. Asides from the initial bits of Ktux code and the 1-wire weather kits I have already assembled, I only have notes and brainstorming done on the rest thus far.

Of course I’m always also tinkering on various Linux tools/scripts/apps etc on my systems.  You can get some more ideas of my interests by checking out my blogroll.

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