Verizon/Samsung 4G MiFi and Ubuntu

I recently got a MiFi card for my on-call rotation with work and had some issues getting it to play nice with the Ubuntu install on my laptop.  It’s a Samsung SCH-LC11 and various iMac’s in the office connected to it just fine.  My laptop would connect, then almost immediately disconnect.  Pretty much unusable.  I connected to the office wifi just fine so I know that wasn’t an issue.

A quick search found a solution on the ubuntu forums.  Basically, you need to connect to the device (obviously using a Windows or Mac) and log into the web admin page (default of  Check the wifi configuration security; the encryption protocol is probably set to WPA with TKIP.  You need to set it to WPA2 with AES.


Upgrading Ubuntu boxes to Intrepid

So I am going through the process of upgrading my server to 8.10.  A quite useful HOWTO on can be found guiding through the process (they also document upgrading from Desktop version as well).

I was not sure which exact command to run given that my headless server obviously doesn’t have update-manager running.  The HOWTO covers usage of the ‘do-release-upgrade’ command.  Only thing I ran beforehand was my rootfs rsync script to make a backup copy of my OS drive incase the worst happen.

If this runs smoothly I will make a backup copy of my desktop rootfs drive and do a similar upgrade to Intrepid.  I am already aware of one or two things I’m not keen on with Intrepid, notably that btnx is not compatible!  For those not aware, btnx was the premier application for configuring and making use of every single one of those buttons on the higher-end mice.  I have a Logitech MX Laser something and have it set up perfectly, tilt wheel left/right for forward/back in Firefox, extra buttons for minimize or close windows (Ctrl-W), etc.  I spend weeks trying to get it working the way I wanted with xmodmap and that ended in nothing but frustration.  I’m sure there will be some other things that don’t work quite the way I would like so a mirrored backup drive pre-upgrade is nice to have.