Samba shares multple connections to a shared resource

I don’t normally post much about Windows here as I have a limited presence with it at home – only a VM for Lightroom – but I came across this counter-intuitive problem earlier in the week.  When building a new VM I discovered for some odd reason Windows would not allow me to map multiple shares to my Samba server under different paths with the same credentials.  I kept getting the error:

Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user,
using more then one user name, are not allowed.

Now I was using the same user name on all of these and it worked perfectly fine on my old 2k3 VM and I changed nothing on the Samba side.  No attempts at removing the shares and recreating them or reboots (even 3 of them!) seemed to help.  Sigh…  A bit of Googling suggested deleting all the shares explicitly on the command line, then try recreating them.  This seemed to fix it!

net use * /delete